Human understanding has its limitations – one cannot know all the consequences of the decisions he makes from time to time. One casually decides something, without knowing the effects it might cause forthwith, and comes to realize only later that he is in hot waters.

A distant relative of mine got into his head to send his son to seek higher education in a prestigious institute in my locality. They consulted me on the topic and asked numerous questions about the university. I praised the institute but was not sure why they were so keen on getting their son sent to such a place, while they had many other options. The aspect of the problem that pinged me was the difficulty that lies at the heart of living one’s life all alone without the necessary day to day support of the family. One has to cook, wash one’s cloths, clean the house, etc., all on his own, added to the tough routine of a student’s life. I had no idea how the child was going to manage all that, but had no right to oppose his decision either.


It was not long before the kid really understood what it all meant. He started complaining and the family finally decided to migrate to my city. I cannot forget the hassle – they did not hire any long distance movers, nor any local ones, and were intent on doing it all on their own. As I was acting as a local host, I too suffered from the consequences. It took them two days to do the packing and get it all – furniture, appliances, kitchen utensils, etc. – moved to its new destination. They had not planned the setting beforehand. And this is where my difficulties started. To cut a long story short, it took us three days to finalize the primitive setting, much to the disgust of everyone involved.

The father owned a business there. He arranged a rented house initially to move his family to, and decided to keep the house he owned there in his custody, so that he might spend three to four days a week to attend to his business. The business suffered a rapid downfall as a result of his repeated absence. He finally had to sell it all and move completely to his new home. (He did not hire any movers this time too!) He tried to establish the same in here but it needed time, and the financial pressure weighed heavily on his capital. It diminished soon and he was not able to make any set up. Without regular income, your bank accounts are dried up soon, and this is what happened to them next. Now, they are not in a position to pay for the rented house, nor are they in a position to meet the expenses every month imposes on their budget.

When I look back at it all it seems sometimes as if I actually had a nightmare. But, unfortunately, all of it happened right before my very eyes, and I cannot help wonder at the misty clouds that hide the future course of events from us. This is perhaps what chaos theory has got to tell us: small changes can produce catastrophic results!

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