Thinking of moving? That’s great! Got everything under control? Good good. Have you made an inventory list? What about the packing materials? Got any system for labeling of cartons? If these questions are making you realize that your moving preps are not going too well, then maybe it is time to start looking for professional and affordable moving companies.

American Philadelphia Movers has been catering to its customers for far too long and knows the struggle that every homeowner goes through when moving. So, the big question is that why do homeowners not rely on professional cross country moving companies from the start?


The answer lies in the hype of DIY projects. Many homeowners believe that they will be saving time and money by attempting a moving project on their own instead of relying on skilled interstate moving companies. Contrary to this popular belief, you can save more money and time when you hire professionals such as us.

We have put together a list of reasons why you should hire one of the best long distance movers to take care of your moving needs. Check it out below and do provide us with your feedback;

They Can Provide You With The Cost Of Project, Upfront!

When you are attempting a DIY moving project, the cost of the project is not certain. It keeps on adding up as you go along. You will be purchasing packing materials, arranging for a truck or will be making multiple trips for moving your items, and you will also be paying for the damages. So, the cost of the project is an ongoing process when you are attempting a DIY moving project. On the other hand, when you rely on a professional moving company, you will receive the moving company quotes in advance before the project begins. This helps you have a ballpark figure for the cost of the project.

They Do The Heavy Lifting

The riskiest thing to be done during moving is the heavy lifting. You can avoid this altogether by relying on professionals to take care of the job. Skilled movers will do the heavy lifting for you – they rely on effective and safe strategies for handling items that are bulky.

They Help With The Planning

Truth be told, they can actually plan your entire move from scratch while catering to every single little detail. They have years of experience and put it to use when they are chalking up a plan for your move.

You Can Count On Them To Pack

Professional movers rely on safe and speedy packing strategies. This helps them save time while packing your items without compromising on the safety of your belongings.

They Are Cost Effective

Contrary to popular belief, professional movers can provide you with budget-friendly moving options. Their standards packages can be customizes based on your needs – number of movers and the size of the moving truck etc.

If you have a moving project that needs to be taken care of, feel free to reach out to American Philadelphia Movers.

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